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Get primary insights directly from subject matter experts who have the right experience for your project. Harnessing the power of our novel AI search technology, we find and connect you with the most relevant experts, every time.

Pinpoint Precision

Fueled by machine learning techniques, our AI is trained to find experts based on project requirements with unrivaled accuracy, ensuring our customers connect with the experts they need, always.

Truly Global Coverage

Not limited to a fixed database of experts, our AI scans volumes of information on the internet, non-stop, reading and indexing everything it finds to produce relevant data-backed expert profiles.

Extraordinary Speed

Our AI gives us a real-time global overview of the knowledge landscape, enabling us to rapidly identify thought leaders and connect them with organizations who seek their knowledge.

Dedicated Customer Support

The dedicated Project Management team work closely with every customer, supporting them from beginning to end, ensuring they gain the insights needed for their project's success.
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“techspert.io does a great job of finding hard-to-reach, specific and relevant experts. One claim they have proven (that I was a little unsure of) is the ability to recruit individuals who are not necessarily on other research panels. Whether it is rare disease specialists or niche oncologists, they find the needle in the haystack, quickly.”

Brian Sharkey, Director of Market Research
Putnam Associates

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