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Connecting Business With Subject Matter Experts Using the Power of AI

We enable effective knowledge exchange by connecting the right minds to our customers' projects. Our artificial intelligence (AI) technology analyses billions of online data points to unearth relevant, qualified subject matter experts worldwide to support businesses with expert insights.

Our Novel AI Search Technology

Billions of Data Points

Billions of Data Points

By scanning volumes of data points on the web, such as company pages, policy documents, publications, research papers, regulatory filings, and clinical trials, our AI indexes this information to create robust expert profiles from every corner of the Earth.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph

Employing the latest machine learning techniques, we've built a large-scale, dynamic knowledge graph which gives us a real-time visualization and overview of the world's knowledge landscape, enabling us to rapidly identify thought leaders in every niche.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI is trained to accurately match relevant, qualified experts to your project, understanding who is best placed to deliver the most comprehensive, unique insights, so you can make the right decisions, deliver true innovation, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Engage with experts your way

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Qualitative Interviews

Get your insights from the source of expertise, we'll arrange the time and date to suit you.

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Quantitative Surveys

We'll program your survey, send it to experts, QC output data and provide results in a digestible format.

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Data Review & Appraisal

Provide experts with data to dig deeper into your points of interest and provide fresh perspectives.

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Multi-Expert Focus Groups

Engage multiple experts to collaborate on your insights through a group advisory board.

Customised Project Portal: Expert Engagements Simplified

A Snapshot

Get a comprehensive overview of all your projects, active and completed. You can also easily export all data in a readily formatted workbook.

Review Profiles and Schedule Calls

Access expert profiles and screener responses and schedule calls with experts at a time that's convenient for you — all with a click of a button.

Check Upcoming Connections

Keep on top of your upcoming expert connections and download any attached materials in preparation for your engagement.

Access Completed Engagements

See information on the experts you engaged with and download pre-agreed documentation, such as interview recordings and transcripts.

How we supported Putnam Associates build a go-to-market strategy for their end client

Discover how we sourced 39 experts from 9 African and Southeast Asian countries, enabling Putnam to present 60+ actionable, expert-backed recommendations to their end client.

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