Our flexible model enables you to engage experts in the medium best suited to your needs

Unit Pricing
Pay As You Go Customers Contract Customers
£780 Per Unit Starting at £675 Per Unit
*Discounts applied for new customers Contact us for your contract template
How you can engage with experts
Service Service Amount Units
Direct phone consultation 1 call up to 60 minutes 1
Online survey 1 survey up to 15 minutes 0.3
Data review & reporting 1 hour of data review 0.75
Online multi-expert focus groups 1 hour of expert time 1
Strategic projects Custom scope Custom pricing
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Additional services
Service Service Amount Cost Comment  
Survey Programming

1 Survey
(up to 45 mins)

£1,000 We will convert your survey into a sleekly designed interactive format for dissemination to experts.  
Project Scope Change Change of project £1,000 Once outreach has begun, any project cancellations or major scope changes (e.g., Cancelling a certain geography or specialty).  
Project Cancellation

Cancel project

£1,000 + X * (Unit Rate)

X – The number of calls that had already been scheduled for the project.


Miscellaneous Administration

Per hour of project manager time


Examples include required completion of specific end-client training, arrangement of expert travel, etc.


Material Translation

Per 1000 words


Translation of any material needed for the success of the project, e.g., Pre-read


Call Transcription

Per hour calls


Medically trained transcription


Call Interpretation

1-hour call


Interpreter provided for 1 hour of call.


*Prices exclude VAT. Get in touch if you have more bespoke requirements.