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The challenge

Putnam Associates, a premier strategy consulting firm serving the biopharmaceutical industry, was developing strategic recommendations on ways to improve access to their end client’s anti-infective portfolio across nine countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

These were new markets for Putnam’s client, so it was imperative that they got insights from on the ground specialists to inform and supplement their decisions.

To get these insights, they partnered with us, an AI technology innovator that specialises in connecting businesses with subject matter experts.

To boost their go-to-market strategy on increasing access to antimicrobials and vaccines across the nine countries, Putnam needed us to connect them with local infectious disease key opinion leaders (KOLs) via 60-minute telephone depth interviews (TDIs).

They specifically wanted to engage with African and Southeast Asian-based infectious disease experts who have familiarity with:

1. National, local or regional programs/policies to treat or prevent infectious diseases

2. Institutional programs/policies to treat or prevent infectious diseases

3. Local NGOs dedicated to treating or preventing infectious diseases

Putnam Associates Case Study Phys tile

The solution

Semantic Search Engine

A graphic illustrating how the techspert.io Semantic Search Engine works

We have developed a bespoke, internal Semantic Search Engine, enabling the ability to accurately match experts to a request, dig deep within medical fields and drill down into specialisms within therapeutic and disease areas that would be hard to find manually. This gives the tech the ability to quickly turn around both broad and narrow briefs to finding the best, and often undiscovered, experts.

Powered by the Semantic Search Engine, our AI located, qualified, and extracted expert profiles of infectious disease specialists from the nine requested African and Southeast Asian countries, matching Putnam’s specific criteria.

“The experts sourced by techspert.io helped us understand barriers to access in their country, and the initiatives and strategies they've worked on to improve the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases, which helped inform our final recommendations to our end client.”

Karyll Davis, Senior Associate Consultant
Putnam Associates

The outcome

We successfully connected Putnam with 39 infectious disease KOLs across 9 African and Southeast Asian countries. Following the interviews, Putnam got the insights they needed and presented 60+ actionable, expert-backed recommendations to their client which they used to decide which ones to develop as pilot programs.

Some of the infectious disease KOLs we connected Putnam with included a:

“Partnering with techspert.io has been a fantastic experience! In comparison to other vendors, they are more responsive, the process is streamlined (I love the techspert.io portal for viewing new recruits), they are easy to work with, source more reliable experts and provided excellent experts in difficult markets.”

Max Bogorad, Life Sciences Consultant

Putnam Associates

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