EU VC connected to leading FDA medicinal chemists

The challenge

An EU-based venture capital (VC) firm requested connections to medicinal chemists with experience in small molecule drug discovery and development. The experts also needed to be familiar with FDA guidelines and processes.

The solution

Our AI search technology crawled the web, mapping expertise, and retured multiple direct matches to the customer’s request. The specificity of the requirements enabled to focus solely on the data points that mattered.

The Impact

Within 24 hours of submitting their request, the VC firm selected the experts they wanted to connect to via our platform. After the engagements, both parties fedback how productive and enjoyable the connections was.

How we can help

With AI that is not limited to a fixed pool of experts but searches far corners of the web, we never compromise on expert quality. And with a system purpose-built to make your engagement process simple and streamlined, we save you time and risk, giving you the confidence that through us you speak to the best.

unparalleled precision

Unparalleled precision

Powered by Artificial Intelligence that understands which brains hold what insights
Truly global coverage

Truly global coverage

Our knowledge landscape is defined by the coverage of the internet, not fixed databases
Dedicated customer success

Dedicated customer success

Our team is on hand at each step of the way to ensure the results meet your needs
Comprehensive compliance

Comprehensive compliance

Compliance comes first and our legal team has developed procedures to give you security
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