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Transforming the global knowledge exchange landscape was born out of the frustration felt by the founders, Graham and David, during their time working in investment funds and healthcare companies respectively, where they faced challenges in identifying who the real world-leading experts were in niche but rapidly evolving fields.

Teaming up with computer scientists, they began applying AI and machine learning to redefine the way knowledge and expertise is identified and accessed globally.

The team has grown to include creative, innovative, and ambitious professionals from many disciplines, working together to build a platform that understands the world's knowledge, connecting our customers to precisely the right expertise every time.

Our Story So Far

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People - Group

First office and employees


Success - Growth

$1.3m funding raised


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18+ million experts indexed


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$5.1m Series A funding


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$12m Series A follow-on funding


Key Capabilities & Achievements

Technology -  Computer

Over 7 million specialties indexed

Volume - Global connection

280+ million experts in our network

Success - Thumbs up

72 NPS average throughout 2020

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98% all-time customer satisfaction score

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Experts in 244 country codes


Acceptance rate 3X better than industry standard

Our Vision

Advancing human progress through democratised access to global knowledge.

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Our Mission

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Harnessing the power of AI to empower decision-makers.

Our Values

To offer the best products and service to our customers, we need to be a company our people love being a part of.

To break barriers in our industry, we need to adapt and innovate, always.

To encourage creative ideas, we need to leverage our diverse brainpower through collaboration.

To build trust between our customers, techspertians and communities, we need to be transparent in everything we do.

Our Leadership Team


David Holden-White

David Holden-White

CEO & Co-Founder Show more
David Holden-White

David Holden-White

CEO & Co-Founder
David is CEO and Co-Founder at His primary responsibility is heading the company’s operational and financial activities. His background lies in biotechnology and he holds a Master’s in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge. David went on to become a biotech patent attorney and worked in corporate development for a diagnostics start-up in Cambridge. It was while doing market research at that firm where the need for better access to expert insights became clear. So, he teamed up with Graham and Hari to build a platform to transform the way knowledge is transferred between people and businesses globally.
"We’re aiming to transform the way primary research is done. Our AI-driven approach is achieving this through levels of precision, efficiency and convenience that go way beyond what can be achieved by human analysts in the sector."

Jamie Beard

COO Show more

Jamie Beard


Jamie has 20 years of experience in M&A services, with most of his career being in expert networks. After starting his career in consulting, he moved to GLG where he spent 12 years at the expert network firm with his final role leading the Private Equity delivery team across EMEA and successfully driving the growth of that business unit. 

As COO, Jamie’s primary responsibility is leading the Business Development function and driving profitable revenue growth, an area he has documented experience in. . 

“There’s a clear USP in being able to use AI and automation to quickly identify experts that no one else can locate which made stand out as an innovative player in this industry. ”

Chris Musgrove

CFO Show more

Chris Musgrove


Originally trained as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young, Chris joins the executive team as CFO. He’s spent the past 12 years working with SMEs and high-growth businesses with his most recent experience with PE and VC-backed technology businesses, helping them to fundraise, scale and exit.

Chris’ key responsibility is to ensure is properly funded and to drive efficient growth, so the business realizes its maximum potential. 

“ is in a rapidly growing industry that is ripe for disruption. The business has a unique offering and is embarking on what should be a period of exponential growth.”
Martin Wilks

Martin Wilks

CTO Show more
Martin Wilks

Martin Wilks


As CTO, Martin’s fundamental focus is spearheading the scaling of’s deep AI search technology and tech team. He has over 25 years’ experience of technology leadership and revenue stream generation and over 10 years’ executive leadership experience specialising in growing and creating technical teams.

Prior successful project deliveries include the initial phase of the Urban Data Project – an advanced analytics sensor and data platform, which enables cities to manage the urban environment based on collecting, protecting and applying data to improve city living.

“I am passionate about the ability of technology to disrupt and bring automation and efficiency to almost every business model. is a prime example of how technology, and specifically advanced AI, can be used to disrupt an entire market segment.”

Directors & Advisors

Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Board Member Show more
Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Board Member

With 15 years’ experience in managing technology start-ups and scale-ups, complemented with eight years’ experience helping to drive growth at global expert network Gerson Lehrman Group’s (GLG) European business, Vivien’s background and expertise is invaluable to’s growth plans.

Vivien’s successes include helping GLG EMEA grow from £8m to £50m+ revenue and investing in a start-up at early seed stage which grew to £11m annual recurring revenue in its first year.

“I was really impressed by’s AI-driven approach which brings efficiency and increased accuracy to expert networks. This has massive potential, combined with a very strong team that includes two super ambitious and driven founders.”
Zack Feather

Zack Feather

Board Member Show more
Zack Feather

Zack Feather

Board Member
Zack has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and founded Asclepius Global. After skyrocketing his company to £60m+ turnover in seven years, Zack turned his attention to other fast-growth start-up and scale-up companies, to bring insight on operational, sales and strategy development.
" has proven to be one of the most exciting businesses to come out of the UK. The company is driven by some of the brightest, most highly educated and intelligent minds within the AI and machine learning sector."
Carles Ferrer Roqueta

Carles Ferrer Roqueta

Board Member Show more
Carles Ferrer Roqueta

Carles Ferrer Roqueta

Board Member
Carles is a Nauta Capital General Partner who invests in early-stage technology companies across Europe. His background in corporate strategy and group finance lead his extensive venture capital experience which began in early 2000. Since then, numerous funds have been successfully raised, managed and exited for critical data-driven companies.
"We found’s approach in applying deep-tech to solve a global knowledge problem highly compelling. The leadership’s ability to combine strong technical skills with commercial know-how to a large, but static industry, is exactly the type of company we seek to back"
Mike Adam

Mike Adam

Chairperson Show more
Mike Adam

Mike Adam

As a founder of the systematic trading company Adam, Harding & Lueck, Mike spent the first 25 years of his career in technology for trading, pricing, and analysing financial markets. Over the last 30 years Mike has founded, built, and sold several successful technology businesses. With his broad experience in disrupting established industries with new technology, Mike is well placed to help us navigate the next steps in our ambitious journey.
“It’s a delight to find a business that’s already on the way to working out how to challenge an incumbent business model. I love the fact that David and Graham have already made such amazing progress and hope that I can help them avoid some of the many mistakes I have made over the years.”

Our Environmental Pledge

As a climate-positive company, in partnership with Ecologi, we support carbon offset projects such as reforestation and restoring natural wildlife habitats. We also support the Biogas Revolution to minimise the amounts of methane that reach the atmosphere through biodigesters.

We plant a tree for every expert engagement we arrange, so every time you use our service, you're helping make the planet greener.

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